This an minimal, read-only version of the original Stop Junk Mail website.

This website was – and still is – dedicated to providing free and independent information about stopping unsolicited mail. Unfortunately I haven't had enough time to properly maintain the website for the last few years. I've therefore created this minimal, read-only copy of the website. It still contains the guide to stamping out junk mail, and almost all the information is still relevant. Most of the other content had become a bit stale and has been either removed or hidden.

If you were looking for some specific information, you should be able to find it either via the WayBack Machine or the UK Web Archive. The latter copy of the website is from 2015 but easier to navigate (and frankly, the website's content didn't change much since the snapshop was taken).

I'm hoping to one day revamp this website. It may take a little while though. If you're interesting in helping out, I got an email address. The local part of the address is simply 'mail'. I'm sure you can figure out what you need to enter after the local part to send me an email.

Last updated: 
26th January 2021