This an minimal, read-only version of the original Stop Junk Mail website.


I used to keep two blogs. The Diary was a collection of ramblings about, you guessed it, junk mail. Royal Junk Mail was a catablog of unaddressed junk mail delivered by my postman. Both blogs have been discontinued.

The Diary

Campaign update

4th January 2019

People looking at this blog might be under the impression that the Stop Junk Mail campaign is pretty much dead. That's a fair conclusion, though there is still some live left in the campaign.

The end of the Royal Junk Mail blog

10th June 2018

I've stopped keeping track of the leaflets Royal Mail shoves through my door. The reason: since February I'm getting very little Royal Junk Mail.

Royal Junk Mail


Received on 8th June 2018 Junk mail from Asda.
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25th October 2020